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Zambia Rural Transport Specialist Contractor

Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) is a non-profit organization with the vision of ending isolation caused poverty through the implementation of rural transport infrastructure. While B2P is an implementer themselves in many countries, they also strive to catalyze and enable the sector, more specifically across the East/South African region. In addition, B2P is working to develop digital tools that will remotely access barriers to services in rural communities to locate where rural trailbridges are needed.



The objective of the rural transport specialist is to assist in a landscape analysis of the rural transport sector and support data acquisition for the digital assessment tool in Zambia.


Scope of Work

General Project Support

The specialist is expected to have an existing deep knowledge and network of the rural transport sector in Zambia. The specialist will work independently in their analysis but provide regular updates to B2P. Additionally the specialist will be expected to provide introductions and liaise with relevant stakeholders.



Objective Activities Outputs
Phase One: Key Stakeholder Mapping & Informational Interviews
Identify key stakeholders
  • Identify key stakeholders in Zambia’s rural transport sector including:
    • Government (national, regional local)
    • Financing institutions (World Bank, African Development Bank, etc)
    • Non-governmental organizations
    • Construction and contractor companies
    • Vocational and technical schools
    • Research entities
    • Community organizations
    • Others
  • Preliminary list of relevant stakeholders
Literature Review
  • Identify key strategic plans, documents, reports, standards, and guidance manuals
  • Report summarizing key findings from literature review
Phase Two: Sector Analysis & Remote Needs Assessment Data Acquisition Support
Identify peripheral stakeholders
  • Identify peripheral stakeholders in Zambia’s rural transport sector including:
      • Agriculture
      • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
      • Health
      • Education
      • Climate and environment
      • Refugee populations
      • Others
  • Preliminary list of relevant peripheral stakeholders
Support informational interviews
  • Provide introductions and/or support networking to relevant stakeholders
  • Support informational interviews with/without B2P staff
Analyze and map all stakeholders
  • Perform an analysis of all stakeholders including their opportunities, risks, barriers, and incentives to partnering on a scaling initiative
  • Detailed stakeholder map and analysis
  • Report detailing recommendations for a scaling strategy
Remote needs assessment support
  • Help to locate relevant GIS datasets for waterways (rivers), road networks, and bridges, as well as, locations of schools, markets, health centers, etc. particularly government owned non-public datasets
  • Obtain contact information for key local government contacts





Contract type

Independent Contractor


Expecting starting date

May 1st, 2022


Duration of assignment

Up to 90 days


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