Why Bridges?

Bridges create connection.

Almost a quarter of a billion people around the world don't have safe access to critical resources like health care, education, or employment due to an impassable river. With a single innovation, we are able to impact households across multiple dimensions.

Rural isolation is a root cause of poverty.

Connection is the critical foundation for economic opportunity, healthcare, and education.

We believe that safe access is a human right. When a community has year-round access to key resources like health care, education, markets and employment, residents have greater freedom - freedom to choose how they better their lives.

Connection creates economic opportunity & increases income.

Safe access unlocks economic opportunity for a community. Farmers are able to sell their crops at outside markets or access agricultural inputs like fertilizer or seed. Bridges ensure consistent access to non-agricultural jobs. Women save time on household activities, spurring an increase in women entering the work force.

Last mile connectivity goes beyond transforming local economies. When a rural community is networked to the world around them, they participate in the national and global economy, bringing transformation to the greater population as well as to their local community.

Reliable access to health care & schools improves wellness & education levels.

Easier access to healthcare leads to increased care-seeking behavior; when a community has safe access to a clinic, there is an 18% increase in visits. In an emergency, easier access means a more likely positive outcome. A healthier individual is better able to work or attend school.

Investing in education results in an increased likelihood for economic success. Due to safe access, we see increased attendance in schools by both teachers and students alike.

Connection is the linchpin for other solutions.

Rural communities, governments, and partner organizations are working hard on a multitude of programs and solutions around health care, education, and economic opportunity. But solutions only work if people can access them.

A community health worker cannot be effective if she cannot reach the community. A new school cannot be effective if children can't cross the river to get there. Agricultural programs cannot be effective if farmers can't sell their crops at a market.

Connection leverages the potential of these solutions to create opportunity.

1.3 Million

People that we have identified through our monitoring and evaluation program who do not have safe access to resources they need most.
Connection means children and teachers can attend school year-round. When a community has safe access, 12% more children enroll in school.
Increase in labor market income when a community that didn't previously have reliable access, is able to access the market year-round.