Our New Identity

Our journey to end poverty due to rural isolation is just beginning.

We are on a mission to end poverty due to rural isolation.

And yes, we agree: this is a huge undertaking, but just because our mission is lofty doesn’t mean it’s not possible. We can end poverty due to rural isolation. Shifting our mindset from viewing our mission as a grandiose idea to a tremendously challenging but realizable goal set forth a movement within our organization.   Now, we’re hoping that you’ll join us on our journey.

In order to take steps to accomplish our mission, we had to re-evaluate our strategic direction and answer the question: how are we going to address this efficiently and with urgency?

We quickly realized that in order to not only make a dent in ending poverty due to rural isolation, but to actually realize it, we had to take a bold stance.

Almost 1 billion people live in a walking world, without safe access to education, health care, or economic opportunity. We have proudly partnered with communities around the world to build more than 250 bridges that provide safe access to almost 1 million people.  But that’s not enough.  At our current pace, it will take us more than 2,000 years to provide safe access to all who need it.

We believe that connection is the foundation to opportunity, and that safe access is a human right.

But it’s easy to say that and operate in the exact same way. Often times, words are only words, but action creates change. So we began the journey to scale.

Scaling an organization is exciting.  It’s also nostalgically bittersweet, challenging and revealing. Scaling touches every corner of our organization.  We’ve drilled into our needs assessment, operations, monitoring and evaluation, funding, partnerships and systems.  We’ve uncovered where we’re highly effective and where we can eliminate inefficiencies. Creatively, we’ve said our goodbyes to our previous brand and logo. But we’ve also stepped confidently toward the future of Bridges to Prosperity.

A shift in how we identify ourselves

As we charted Bridges to Prosperity’s future, we drew inspiration from Simon Sinek’s “Start with the Why” TED Talk. It made us take pause and dig deeper. We realized we had been placing the bridge at the center of what we do. But the bridge is what we do. It’s not why.

So why do we do what we do? Why do we get up and out of bed in the morning?  Because we believe that safe access is a human right.  No one should risk their life to access education, health care, or economic opportunity.

How do we act on this belief?  Connecting people—turning isolation into connection.  Whether that looks like connecting a community resident to their local health clinic, a student to their school, a farmer to the market, a woman to her job, a son to his elderly mother who lives on the other side of the river, it all comes down to connection. We could also look at connection through the lens of our industry partners—experts who travel to a bridge construction site to help us cross the finish line to a completed, reliable, sustainable bridge.  They, in turn, come away with a deep sense of connection to the community members at the bridge site.  As we scale, we look at connection among partners that we bring together to achieve or mission.  No matter how we define it, we see connection as the foundation to opportunity.

Our new logo

With that idea of connection in mind, we designed a new logo. Our new, more abstract logo represents connection, and the opportunity and prosperity that follows.

The top forms a bridge—literally what we do today to build connection.  But as an abstracted bridge, it conveys the broader concept of connection and the myriad of ways connection is the foundation of all we do.

The curves at the bottom represent growth, life, opportunity and prosperity.  It’s the result of the connection we create, the impact that we, working with others, intend to achieve.

But a logo is just a logo, and a message is just a message.  We’re talking the talk. Now we’ll show you how we’re shifting our stride and walking the walk.


Join the movement to create connection, the foundation for opportunity.