Imagine risking your life to seek opportunity.

In the world’s rural farmlands, 1 in 7 people are unable to access markets, employment, schools, clinics and hospitals, and other critical services due to rainy seasons that are both critical to agriculture and dangerous.

The Power of a Footbridge

When rivers swell, walks to school, the doctor, work, or the market become life-threatening without a bridge to cross. In these locations, footbridges become catalytic solutions – providing connection between resources and services and the people who most benefit from them.

This single intervention addresses a myriad of symptoms and leverages a broad range of interventions to create transformative impact for rural communities.

Solving rural isolation globally begins in Rwanda

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Bridges to Prosperity is working with the Rwandan Government to create a national program that will create a country-wide network of last-mile connectivity, linking every rural Rwandan with the services and resources they need to thrive.

Illuminee’s Story

Prior to the Shagasha Footbridge being completed, most of Illuminee’s students were unable to attend class during the rainy season due to flooding. Since the completion of the bridge, Illuminee has witnessed a significant improvement in the academic performance of students who live across the river. Today, the classrooms at Shagasha School are full and students safely attend school year-round. Watch the below video to hear Illuminee speak about the impact the Shagasha Footbridge has made on her students.




child running with wheel across footbridge

Help end isolation-caused poverty

The Power of Connection Campaign invites individual, family, and corporate philanthropists who share a belief in the power of connected communities to help end isolation-caused poverty in Rwanda and create a model of connection that can be replicated and scaled globally.