Our Future

Transforming the rural last mile

Outsized need

Globally, one in seven people lack safe, year‐round access to the services and opportunities in their immediate surroundings, due to the lack of transportation infrastructure.  We estimate a global demand for 100,000 bridges serving 1 billion people.  It is clear that our operating model needs to evolve if we want to solve the challenge of poverty due to rural isolation in our lifetime.

Scaling approach

We are entering an exciting phase of growth for Bridges to Prosperity—drawing on our expertise in bridge building, our collaboration with partners, and our focus on measuring impact—to exponentially grow our work to transform rural communities.

We believe that footbridges are the most efficient way to transform rural community economies, and we believe we can scale footbridge programs more quickly than other transportation infrastructure solutions.  We aspire to create national-level programs for hundreds of bridges, bringing aggregated project procurement, efficiencies of scale, and compelling impact data that facilitates access to financing and funding.

Big, hairy, and audacious?  Absolutely.