Our Approach

We design, build, and maintain durable and environmentally sustainable bridges to connect the rural last mile to the rest of the world.

Cross-cultural collaboration

We collaborate across the globe to achieve great results.

Partnership in communities

B2P collaborates with local partners and communities because local buy-in and ownership is critical to the success of any work we do. We work with all levels of government to understand the need and how we might be part of the solution. Through collaborating regionally, we build capacity.

Industry backing

Our Industry Partners provide expertise and resources. Our partnership program provides employees opportunities for team building and leadership development through a life changing experience. The challenges of working in remote communities are unlike anything our industry partners face in their day-to-day jobs. The expertise and drive they bring to finish a bridge is unparalleled.

Built to last

Our bridges are built to sustain time, weather, and heavy use.

Durability & Sustainability

As leading bridge builders in the international development space, we design, build and maintain durable and environmentally sustainable bridges that provide safe access for generations. We spent years perfecting our bridge designs and sustainable construction model, so we can work in any country efficiently and effectively. All of our bridges are designed to be resilient to extreme weather events, with locally sourced and donated materials.

Technical inspection & maintenance

Professionals from around the world volunteer their time and resources to return to project communities, inspecting footbridges and providing support for upkeep. Local residents also commit to maintain and inspect the bridge, and are trained to do so.

Data-driven mindset

Understanding data drives efficiency

We use data and work with partner communities to determine where and how we work. By doing this, we improve the efficiencies of our programs and reduce the reliance on external, subjective factors.​

Our data improves our work

Through lean data monitoring, we gather feedback from community members about the experience of building and using the bridge. This fast feedback loop informs future program decisions.​

Our data proves our work

Using impact data, we are able further prove our work. We find huge value in pairing the human experience with data in order to help our donors and prospective donors fully understand the impact of our efforts to create large-scale change.