Corporate Partnership

Our Corporate Partners are key players in connecting communities through trailbridges.


Creating Connection

Bridges to Prosperity partners with corporations worldwide to build trailbridges that connect isolated communities to critical resources such as education, healthcare, markets, and jobs.

For every connection our Corporate Partners make possible, the lives of those living in rural isolation are made better. In fact, a single trailbridge has the power to transform and entire community, resulting in meaningfully higher wages, increased farm profits, and more opportunities for women to participate in labor markets.*

*Wyatt Brooks and Kevin Donovan –“Eliminating Uncertainty in Market Access: The Impact of New Bridges in Rural Nicaragua,” 2017.

"There are so many small things that can change the course of a person’s life ... I hope we can use our privilege to give people better odds at achieving their dreams and living healthy, happy lives."

- Jacobs Team Member

Business with a Purpose

Our Corporate Partners showcase their values and company culture through their partnership.

Through sponsoring safe, lasting trailbridges Corporate Partners are able to contribute to fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility goals while fostering a workplace culture of global citizenry that spans geographical and cultural boundaries. Networking, employee engagement, recruitment and retention, and leadership development are all part of every Bridges to Prosperity partnership, ensuring a strong return on investment.

"This type of partnership is an essential morale booster for a company. The experience of working with a team from all over the country in various practices and disciplines really does strengthen people's commitment to their company and gives them a bigger understanding of what can be done locally and globally. It really is a win-win cause!"

- Michael Baker Team Member

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