Rural isolation is a root cause of poverty. Connection is the foundation for opportunity.

Increase in Wages
Farmer Profitability
Women Entering the Labor Market

We've built more than 450 trailbridges, serving over 1.5 million community members throughout the world.


Venancia is a mother and a businesswoman who sells her crops at the market, learn more about how the Coko bridge affected Venancia's life.


Johnny loved helping after school during the bridge build in his community. Read more about how the bridge has encouraged Johnny to think about his future.


Every morning before school, 13 year-old Ana crosses the Chaqui Cocha bridge, helping her mother bring the sheep to graze on the land on the far side of the bridge. Learn more about what Ana's morning routine entails.
suspension footbridge over flood plain with lots of people crossing people in filed below crops all around blue sky white clouds

Why bridges?

Trailbridges provide access to health care, education, and economic opportunity. They transform the way people plan for and invest in their future.

We believe safe access is a human right. Join us in ending poverty due to rural isolation.